Give yourself completely

So the other day Sir and I had a session. It was truly amazing, everything was so easy. My pain tolerance much higher as well as my drive. I remember telling Him I wanted him to really treat me like his slut, I wanted to really feel my place with him. I felt so close to Sir during this session, and after.

Later in the weekend, we are having another, less intense session and he starts telling me about the last session and how rare it is that I give myself completely to him, maybe a “3 or 4 times a year”.

I had no idea it was this rare, I feel I give myself to him completely much more frequently, I fairly frequently ask him to make me feel like his slut. Though I guess if I’m being honest I know most of the things we did during the first session, I wouldn’t normally be able to do.

So I asked Him! He everything is different, He even described my body as being different in a way he couldn’t explain.

Now during this second session I was trying pretty hard, I really wanted to match this and show Him I could. We even got out the whip and whipped my ass, back, and nipples, and I fucked His fist while He put it in, He loves this.

Afterwards while we are in the shower together I ask Him about it, He says it was really good but not the same.

I feel very conflicted about this. On one hand I’m happy that I can make Him happy and give myself completely to Him and feel really special that He can tell the differences the way He can. On the other hand. I feel terrible because I dont do it often, and I’m not sure how to change that.

I want to be a good slut for Him. I want to be His alone and completely. Not sure what to do about this, had anyone felt a similar way, have any advice? Are you able to give yourself completely everytime, how do you know?

Stripped down naked

All weekend I felt like all I did was make Sir mad. I made Him repeat Himself multiple times, which He HATES. I was extra forgetful, which frustrates Him, etc. By the end of it I felt as though I had ruined the whole weekend for Him. On top of all of this He had been really tired and sore, so He was kind of grumpy anyway.

So I get home around 5:30pm from getting cupcake components (I was making some for His work luncheon), and decide maybe I can do something nice for Him to show Him I understand and I’m sorry.

I call him outside, then realized the neighbor was out near his garage. I made Sir aware of this, but said I didnt mind if He left the light on.

I began with my shirts, pulling them over my head one at a time. Then moved to my pants, tossing my clothes at him as I stripped down to nothing but my boots. When I was done I even did a little “tah-dah” move, and gave Him a great big smile before joining him inside.

Inside I was rewarded with attention and some sexy time! He kissed me, played with me, and told me I was a good slut. This was exactly what I needed.

All The New

So last night I really wanted sex but I knew Sir had to be up early, so I didn’t bother him.

He looked at me and asked what I needed, I looked back with wanting eyes and said “nothing”, attempting to respect his lack of sleep. He looked back at me and said “do you want sex?”

I bashfully agreed that I did and expressed my concern. His response made me feel so special “I can spare a few for you” as he started playing with my nipples.

Sir knows me so well, I didn’t think I was being obvious about wanting sex at all, but he knew.

Sir held me down and fucked me until I couldn’t take it, let me roll over and fucked me some more. We used a new toy last night.

It’s a double ended, textured glass dildo

I asked him to put it all the way in and you could hear the pleasure in his voice, I had pleased him by asking him for this, “you’re such a good fucking slut” he told me, which makes me glow.

He found a new way to choke me as well. He did it so well in this position I couldn’t breathe at all, it was amazing.

Then I asked him to put it in my ass. We had never tried anal in this position before, so this was new and exciting. It felt so deep and he fucked me and choked me until we both came.

I love when he calls me his good little slut. It makes me feel so special and gives me renewed purpose as his sub. So grateful for my Sir.

Brand New!

I’m a sub named Sally! My Dom will always be referred to either as my Dom or Sir. I am new to the site, though I have been practicing BDSM for years.

I’m excited to begin blogging on this platform and have a space to share my thoughts, feelings, perspectives, experiences and maybe some pictures!

I am new to this and still trying to figure it out. Before this I was using Tumblr, so bare with me!

I am happy to answer any questions, but please be respectful!

Also, please dont forget, I am submissive to my Dom, and no one else; I am not a submissive I am his submissive.

NOW! On to the good stuff!

I really enjoy pain and degradation of character, technically I’m a switch though I typically only practice submission, my Dom is not a switch. We have a lot of kinks, ones I’ll explore in this blog, in depth, so hopefully I dont get banned or too censored.

Another thing to mention…there is a page on this blog that will be dedicated to products I sell elsewhere. It is a huge kink of mine and Sir’s to sell things like used panties and other sexy items, we call it making “slut money”. It is a way for me to be used and be slutty without actually making contact with anyone else. So please feel free to message or comment with any questions about that (or requests 😁)